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I’m a retired criminal investigator with global experience investigating fraud. I’ve been investigating claims of paranormal evidence for many years since retiring in 2006.

My company, Imagine Your Dreams, LLC helps people to protect themselves against fraud. In 2017 a video of Mr. Huff’s on YouTube was recommended to me by the media outlet, but upon watching it I became alarmed. He was making claims about a product he has for sale called the “Wonder Box” that I knew couldn’t possibly be true.

He says in most of his videos that for the first time ever, people can get real-time one-on-one spirit communication from his Wonder Box and that he is making history. People have been conducting real-time direct spirit communication since the 1920s as documented in reports from the Society for Psychical Research in London, UK. They are a 100+ year old organization of scientists, professors, physicians, and Nobel Laureates who have been conducting paranormal investigations for at least the past 80 years before Mr. Huff was born.

I wouldn’t be concerned with his claims except that people are relying on his claims when making a buying decision for his Wonder Box. One does have quite an uphill battle proving recordings are authentic spirit communication by any measure. However, I t’s much easier to prove it isn’t. Researchers have found where some of his claimed Spirit communications were actually taken from other videos, such as a relaxation/guided meditation video.

We reached out to Mr. Huff on multiple occasions since the summer of 2017, asking for comments on the accusations concerning his videos and the relaxation videos that were clearly the source of the audio. As of the date of this review he has not responded. In light of that, and that the source video is readily available for comparison, I’m left with the conclusion that Mr.

Huff’s claims for the device’s abilities are untenable.

Therefore there is no justification at this time to spend money on the device to review it. We recommend readers watch our product review on Huff Paranormal for complete details.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Pull misleading or untruthful videos and faulty products from the market.

I didn't like: Untruthful advertising.

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When you watch the videos long enough you will feel like your being sold something. That’s because you are. A line of bs and if you have to convince people it’s real then it’s a good bet it’s not.

to Tired of fakes #1627040

Fraud is *everywhere*, you really have to be careful. My friend recently paid attention to the nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach as a saleslady was demonstrating a very expensive line of vacuum cleaners in her home.

She gave the lady a whopping $1,000 check, but within minutes of her leaving got buyer's remorse and canceled the sale. She texted her so she would have written proof and the lady said it was fine. But something didn't feel right so my friend called the bank and canceled payment on the check. About four hours later the bank called her and asked if she put a stop payment on the check.

After confirming she had, the bank said the lady was trying to impersonate my friend over the phone to get them to cancel the stop payment order. But, she couldn't answer any of the security questions!


I have met Steve Huff, and I got to be one of many to see his box on action! This box (Soul Speaker) IS THE REAL DEAL!

He doesn't make these boxes to sell, but sometimes he will do a favor for a friend or sell one of his older models that he doesn't use anymore.

Steve Huff DOES say that just because you buy one of these boxes,.......it doesn't mean that Spirits will come through. You have to earn their trust, and then they will start communicating with you.

to T.Cline #1581075

"You have to earn their trust, and then they will start communicating with you." lol'ed

to T.Cline #1615970

To be accurate and fair, my review is about the Wonderbox line of spirit boxes only, not the Soul Speaker. I have not reviewed that device and never will since discovering the "I can't tell you how pleased I am to see you" plagiarism.

We've closed our cases on Mr. Huff and have moved on.


Communication from the Dead is just as here hit and miss, It's out there just as the Universe and Earth moves round the sun we live in a runaway universe all our actions and deeds don't go at death we go on and leave the Earth body, and take up with the cosmic body.. it does not break and get ill unlike the Earth body of which has a short sell by date, there are Many worlds in Death you can visit..

of course people can hear things now and then they know a lot of what is Going on here too Huff has just given them a line to speak now and then..

It's not a waste of money.. if you all want a quick fix in the after life Ha ha Ha


I wouldn’t answer you either personally. You sound like you’re pushed because he is making leaps and bounds of proof and you have nothing.

Go cry elsewhere. No one cares

to Army momma #1615960

I'm tired of fakes too. Thanks for your comment.


I would have expected you would provide a link to the 'relaxation videos' if what you say is correct.

to elton #1476819

It's right there with the picture of Marcello Bacci in front of his radio. Everything you need to make a judgment is there.

Please watch and let me know if I should add anything.To be clear, there is nothing wrong with enjoying watching Paranormal Entertainment. It's no different than suspending your disbelief to enjoy a Transformers movie. I don't care what Mr.

Huff claims until he attempts to improve sales of his Wonder Box with false information. Any electronic device will work.Regards,Robert

to Robert #1520661

Great video Robert. Unfortunately there will always be charlatans out there trying to scam people.

It's nothing new and it will never go away. I'm not a skeptic but I do know how to do research.

It's extremely simple in this day and age. Some people can have evidence right in front of their face but will still choose to not see it .

to Tina #1615968

Thanks, Tina. I just try to warn people when I see they are about to be fooled and then move on to the next scam.

I am a former Austin Tx police Sgt assigned to the Forgery Detail and then left to travel the world conducting fraud investigations for a Fortune 50 company. I worked the normal amount of employee and consumer thefts. But there was a lot of fraud to investigate - product tampering, our loss of revenue due to counterfeit products on the market, copyright infringement & such. As a police officer, I also helped elderly people with their bank savings who would get duped by the time-honored tradition called "Pigeon Dropping." If people enjoy Mr.

Huff's videos that's fine, just know you can never be sure what's authentic or not. Any electronic device including your cell phone will work just fine for spirit communication.

You don't need to spend money. Get a good pair of headphones, download the app SleepRecorderPlus and listen to the voices around you!

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